Inclusive Lifestyle is a South Australian owned and operated Social Service Organisation. As an organisation, we provide support for people diagnosed with disabilities.

Our Mission

We will provide exceptional person-specific supports based on empathy, trust, insight, and inclusion.

About Us


Inclusive Lifestyle is a disability Support company providing person-specific supports and services for people with disability.

Supportive Teams

We believe in building the right team of support around our participants providing insight and understanding for the person being supported and thus making their goals and aspirations become achievable.


We seek to build a unique relationship of trust and understanding between support staff and participants.

Social Inclusion

Inclusive Lifestyle is about building, enhancing and encouraging social inclusion, access and community engagement for people living with a disability. We see possibilities where people see challenging behaviours.
Our Vision

We seek to enhance the lives of our participants by helping them build lifetime skills

We hope to meet the specific needs and goals that you as a participant or family would have. To do this, we will make use of our combined history of providing care across the disability sector.

Our Values