Lifestyle Connections

Lifestyle Connections is our day options service here at Inclusive Lifestyle. Our individualised programs run across 365 days of the year and are based around the need of the participant but also their care givers.

The time frame for each support is flexible. They take into consideration, the participant’s NDIS goals, their personal likes/dislikes and wants/needs, the care givers input (where appropriate) while incorporating relationship building and peer connections.

As a team, we are always researching innovative and interesting activities for our participants to engage in and we as staff within ILS, actively participate with our participants to enable the highest level of achievement from each experience.

A typical support would potentially be broken up into 3 main areas of the day: ADLs, community participation and peer relationship building within a social setting.

We believe that the success of each support is based on the collaboration of a dedicated team which puts the participants in the centre of everything we achieve. We look forward to being a part of your journey and growth.

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